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AXA International Exclusive Insurance

The AXA International Exclusive insurance scheme provides premium medical care, covering the high cost of medical treatments. With a medical coverage ranging from 2.4 to 4 million SGD, you can enjoy cashless medical treatments locally and coverage in hospitals in Singapore and worldwide.

We have 3 levels of plans for you to choose from, with and without deductibles, to better cater to your needs and budget. No matter which plan you choose, you will still have access to premium essential benefits.

Benefits of AXA International Exclusive insurance Scheme:

-Hospitalization Coverage

-Outpatient Coverage

-Alternative and well-being Medicine Coverage

-Dental Coverage

-Pregnancy Coverage

-Optical Coverage

-Pre-existing condition coverage


Within this AXA insurance scheme, there are 3 levels of  plan to choose from:

Plan A-Full range of benefits as listed above.
Plan B-Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient benefits with drugs and dressings.
Plan C-Comprehensive inpatient and essential outpatient benefits

Please see brochure for full details.


Rest assured, easy eligibility applies for this AXA policy, catering for young to old individuals, and with pre-exiting conditions or needing specific treatments.

Key Product Features:

-Pre-existing conditions benefits
-Full coverage for cancer care
-Full Coverage for kidney dialysis
-Full Coverage for chronic conditions
-Psychiatric illness
-Low waiting period
-Low exclusions
-Pre-authorization services
-14-day free look period
-Proficient policy renewal
-Reasonable and customary charges
-Distribution cost

* This policy of not approvable by Medisave

Wide spectrum of covered countries

Please see brochure for the full list of countries that have their medical facilities covered under the AXA Exclusive scheme.


Please see brochure, or request for a non-obligatory quote.