Pregnancy Insurance


The cost of pregnancy in Singapore and globally is very high these days. There are a lot of costs to tackle, starting from pre-pragnancy to post. At Singapore Medical Insurance, and under our AXA International Exclusive scheme, the cost of your pregnancy will be taken care of with a full spectrum of benefits. With the plan, you are not only covered for your pregnancy, but your health in general.

Full Insurance Coverage

With the insurance scheme we offer, you are entitled to comprehensive benefits that covers a spectrum of treatments. Your medicines and dressings during the pregnancy period is also fully cover. So you are in good hands. Given the comprehensive nature of the scheme, the price is guaranteed to be very competitive.

Premium Healthcare Benefits

Expect a premium coverage that allows you to be in the first class wards, with the top specialist and necessities. Whether you are talking about in-patient or out-patient, we have the right solution for you.

Policy Coverage for Mother and Baby

Benefits include much more than just costs for pre-natal care and delivery.

Waiting Periods

Our insurance scheme comes with the shortest waiting periods for you to start receiving maternity benefits. Contact us today.

You are in good hands

Backed by over 35 years of insurance and collaboration with AXA insurance, we are not only ready to support you at all times, from enquiries to claims, but are confident you will gain that peace of mind. Get your cover today!


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