Dental Insurance


It is always a good idea to obtain yourself an insurance coverage for your dental cost. In Singapore and overseas, the cost of dental treatments is soaring, and can cost by the tens-of-thousands if dollars. Rest assured, we have the right insurance solution for you, while standing by you all the way, from enquiries to claims. Also, we are backed by over 35 years of experience. As such, we are confident you will gain the peace of mind you want.

Quality Coverage

The AXA International Exclusive is a very comprehensive insurance scheme that offers generous dental benefits, with very short waiting periods. With this, you can expect to receive coverage even for first-class dental treatments.

Extensive Coverage

More than just cleaning, our dental insurance plans can include coverage for all sorts of dental issues, including dental surgery and orthodontics.

Versatile Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is not standard on a vast majority of insurance plans worldwide. You can talk to us regarding transfer of insurers.


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Talk to Singapore medical insurance regarding your needs or wants. As having over 35 years of experience, we are not only a premier service provider, but we offer a large spectrum of other types of policies.